MYOB Accounting Software

MYOB Accounting Software

Office Angels are a MYOB Approved Partner.

MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) gives you better value from your business software.

Stay ahead of tax changes, control cashflow and be more productive. Choose from flexible, online solutions and stay on top anywhere. Bookkeeping without fuss for small business through to advanced and powerful accounting.

The many benefits of MYOB Accounting Software includes:

Save precious time
Do you want to drive efficiencies in accounting and payroll? According to a client insights survey, 86% of businesses new to accounting software say MYOB saves time.

Relieve tax-time pain
MYOB has worked with the IRD for 20+ years. They stay on top of every change to GST, payroll or KiwiSaver so you are always compliant.

Be fully supported
MYOB are here to help you when you need it, with unrivalled phone and LiveChat support. Local call centres have extended hours.

Flexible payroll software
Save valuable time when paying staff and managing leave, PAYE and IRD requirements. With easy connection to your accounting systems and mobile options, MYOB offer payroll solutions that grow with you.

MYOB has a passion for making business life easier for you. Their business management solutions help you be more productive, which gives more time to build your venture or to enjoy life outside work.

MYOB can help simplify your:

retail point of sale
job management
professional tax solutions
and more

MYOB is a leading provider of business management solutions in New Zealand and Australia. No two businesses are the same so MYOB offer more than 50 products and services. From desktop software to cloud-based solutions, MYOB can fulfil your needs. With the right tools for your business, you’re free to focus on doing what you really love.

Designed with your business in mind
‘Clients drive our world’ is the core MYOB value. Their solutions are built for businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors – from start-ups to well established operations, including those operating nationally and internationally. MYOB helps businesses grow from a single entrepreneur all the way through having hundreds of employees.

Is MYOB the right choice for your business? Talk to Office Angels today to be sure.