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Frequently Asked Questions

by | Mar 6, 2018 |

…And some maybe not so frequently asked, but we think you might find useful anyway. If you have a question not covered by our FAQs, simply contact us and we’ll get the answer to you.

Q: What are your rates?

A: Often, firms are reluctant to talk prices publicly, but we believe in being transparent and honest at all times so you have all the information available to make the right decision for your business.  Our standard hourly rates for each service, excluding GST, are listed below.

Please note that for certain accounting and consultancy work, tailored fixed fee quotes are available and, as no two jobs are the same, we’re happy to have a conversation to discuss what works for both of us, so just get in touch.  We’re sure we’ll have an option for you.

Service Hourly rate excl GST
Bookkeeping $60
Administration $60
Accounting systems scoping, training, installation $110
Accounting $130 – $180


Q: Why is there a range of pricing for accounting?

A: The rate for a standard, straightforward job is $130 per hour, however some jobs are more complex and require a director’s review and sign-off.

Q: What accounting software do you work with?

A: Any really!  But we’re certified in Xero, Infusion, MYOB, and iPayroll – all the main ones for small and medium businesses – and experienced in many others.

Q: What are monthly management accounts and what does it involve?

A: This is where an accountant can add real value to your business.  We perform a P&L and balance sheet analysis each month, noting any trends and variances, and provide expert advice to help you stay on track to achieve your goals.  Work with us at the beginning of each year and we can even help you to determine what your goals could be.

Q: I need help now, but I want to be able to do this work in house in the future.  Is this possible?

A: If you have the skills and capacity, yes!  We’ll gladly help you sort things out, train you or a member of your team, and provide support if and when required.

Q: I really need someone on site.  Can you work out of our office?

A: Of course, if that’s what suits you best.  We’re just as comfortable working remotely.  With cloud based technology, anything is possible!

Q: I only need an hour or two a month, can you do that?

As the old saying goes, no job is too big or too small.  Get in touch – we’ll be able to help.

Q: Office Angels just does my bookkeeping – what are the benefits of you doing both my accounting and bookkeeping?

A: Whilst doing your bookkeeping throughout the year we make sure everything is in place as much as possible to make the year-end annual accounts process a lot quicker and simpler, ultimately saving you money as we’re already up to speed.  We are also on hand to help with any other accounting issues or reporting needed throughout the year.  We get to know your business better so we can provide the best possible service for you.

Q: We do our own bookkeeping in house but our bookkeeper is going away for a month.  Can you provide cover?

A: We’ll certainly try. Most things are possible with a bit of notice, and our experienced, knowledgeable team can pick up anything really quickly, so just contact us and we’ll see what solutions we can offer.