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There are many misconceptions around the validity of engaging HR services when you’re a small to medium sized business.  Often business owners think these services should be reserved for larger companies, typically because of the perceived costs of engaging HR services.  It might seem like an extra, unnecessary expense, however, it’s the smaller businesses that are often the most vulnerable in the complex world of employment law, human rights, and health and safety.  Get it wrong, and the cost could be substantial.  A little attention up front and at key stages will pay you back many times over.

These are among the common obstacles and issues today’s businesses are experiencing, prompting more and more businesses to mitigate unnecessary risk and damages by turning to an expert in the field of HR:

  • High staff turn over
  • Slowed company growth
  • Legal fees associated with staff issues
  • Compliance issues
  • Disengaged staff resulting in lowered productivity
  • Confusion around how to exit someone from your company
  • Recruitment process resulting in a bad hire

Your company may be going though some change, planned or otherwise, and a change management expert can help navigate the uncertainty this can create for your people.  Everything in the employee life cycle – from planning for recruitment to exiting the company – is a worthwhile investment of time and money.

Office Angels welcomes John Kendrick to the team. John is a Human Resources Practitioner with experience in Recruitment, Change Management, Employee Relations, Human Resource, Project Management, Health and Safety, Performance Management, Policy Development and Payroll. With a long and accomplished career in HR, he can partner with you to help your business achieve its goals and avoid the pitfalls common in the current environment.

Office Angels has the experience you need to maximize employee engagement and achieve your business plans, so contact us today.