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Tips on getting paid faster with Xero

  1. Enter and email invoices as soon as the job is done
  2. Use Payment services
  3. Use Invoice reminders
  4.  Send monthly statements

Payment Services
Setting up payment services in Xero means that when you email an invoice to your customer they can view it online and then use the payment button to pay you securely using your payment service. Here is a link on how to set this up Payment service help



Invoice Reminders
Invoice reminders are an automatic invoice reminder services that can be set up to send customers and email when their invoice is due or overdue. You can choose what customers you will send these reminders to and at what frequency your send them.

For invoice reminders to work you’ll need:
– The Adviser or Standard user role
– All current email addresses in your Xero contacts for each customer you want to receive reminders
– To mark as sent, any invoice you want reminders for
Help on setting up invoice reminders Invoice reminder help