Office angels is now Navigator Accounting. Please visit us at


On the 31st of January, Office Angels made a bold move.  Having been based in residential settings for a number of years, we decided we wanted to be closer to the business hub in the CBD which not only made sense for us but also for our clients. The move into the modern office space of 144 Third Ave was the perfect solution.

The reasons for the move were varied and numerous.  We wanted to be closer to the centre of town and have increased visibility, with the obvious benefits that that brings.  We wanted to make it easier for our clients to visit us, and allow room for us to grow.  We wanted to move away from a more residential area to one where you’d expect to find a business like ours, amongst similar small and medium businesses.  And we wanted a new space to inspire our team to work smarter and come up with new and innovative solutions for our clients.  With water views and a great view of Mauao, what could be more inspiring?

The move came with all the challenges you expect from a home relocation, with the added complications of transferring a complex IT environment, signage, and making sure all our online listings and suppliers had up to date details.  We’ve still got plenty to do as well.  We’ve started to make it feel like home with some nice plants, but we’re awaiting delivery of a kitchen table, some meeting room furniture, and some wall decoration wouldn’t go amiss either.  We’ll get there.

A few things to note:

  • We have four parking spaces, numbered one to four and marked with our name. If you visit us, please only use those spaces
  • Our postal address and phone number remains unchanged (and if you missed the memo about getting hold of us directly, check out the extension numbers for your Office Angel contact here)
  • We’re at the bottom of Third Ave – down the narrow road where Third Ave turns into Glasgow St – visible from Takitimu Dr


We look forward to welcoming you to the new Office Angels HQ!