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If you’re a new business who doesn’t have an accountant yet, or one that’s been around a while but is struggling in the relationship with yours, you may not be aware of what Office Angels can do for you.

Whether you’re all over the finer details or prefer to keep the financial side at arm’s length, we like to keep things simple and straightforward.  We’re not in the business of over-promising and under-delivering, what we do is address your immediate issues, understand your business and requirements, and go from there.  Essentially, our accounting commitment to you boils down to three things.

    1. Figuring out how your business is doing
      As businesses grow, owners can lose track of their financial situation. As a result, they may not know if they’re profitable, what their cashflow looks like, or how much they should put back into the business. We’ll decipher that cryptic data and present back the facts in plain English.
    2. Taking away hassle
      If you’re creative, you may dabble in that part of your business.  If you like process and routine, you may want to do the legwork in that area.  Few people who get into business do so because they love accounting.  Office Angels will reduce your accounting commitments; anything from installing the right accounting package for your business and providing training, to processing your invoices ourselves at a time and place that suits you, to automating your invoicing, record keeping, and cash flow tracking, to reporting on your P&L and Balance Sheet.  As little or as much as you need.  You’ll have a million things going on at any one time – your time is better spent adding value to your business than doing the admin.
    3. Being your go-to person
      We’ve all heard people say that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and yet it seems to take a certain level of bravery to ask.  You’ve probably walked into a mobile phone shop at some point and asked about the latest phone because, quite rightly, you’re probably not an expert in that.  So why would you expect to know the detail behind the numbers?  We welcome the questions, and want you to be comfortable asking us.  We’re invested in your success, and we want to be at your side when you need us for whatever questions you want answered.


    Get your life back

    Go to your happy place for a minute.  I’m willing to bet it’s something like spending time with loved ones at your favourite holiday destination.  I’m equally confident it doesn’t involve working at weekends and late into the night, getting frustrated with spreadsheets, preparing and paying suppliers, chasing customers for overdue bills, or worrying about paying your team.

    As well as passion for what you do, there’s also a reasonable chance that you were hoping that owning a business would give you a better work-life balance.  As your business has developed, it probably seems like that doesn’t exist. There’s no work-life balance, it’s just life.

    In the interests of not over-promising, let me state right now that we don’t have a magic money tree.  What we do have is a team of dedicated people who (believe it or not) love spending time understanding the numbers, working with open-minded businesses, and helping business owners to achieve their goals.  Allow us to take away your unhappy place.  Give us a few months and we’ll give you back your life.